Watching Jessi’s struggle in Big Mouth was moving for me, especially in the last episode of season 2 when the Depression Kitty takes over Jessi’s development. 

The Depression Kitty takes Jessi into a padded room, covers her with multiple blankets and asks if she wants “some more soupy ice cream”. 

But when Jessi says that she wants to get up because “it’s weird to be in bed in the middle of the day”, the Depression Kitty purrs “no it’s not” then lies down on top of her.

“You’re a little heavy,” Jessi says. But the Depression Kitty has stopped listening to her. 

Jessi manages to escape when she starts screaming for help after her friends start searching for her. Although she’s trapped in her little room, her friends crash through the window and drag her away from the claws of the Depression Kitty. 

People say that if you’re depressed, ask for help. But people who are depressed don’t always know how to ask for it. 

Everyone is busy with their individual lives, dealing with struggles of their own. Why make it worse for everyone? Isn’t it better to keep smiling, stay upbeat, say I’m well (exclamation point exclamation point)?

But perhaps that’s the Depression Kitty speaking as well. 

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