I’ve been fortunate lately, in terms of partnerships. My latest collaborators and I have worked well together, hit targets and achieved goals. 

I’ve enjoyed working with these people, which I’ve come to realise is a highly important factor.

Finding good partners to collaborate with is part chance, part choice. 

I’ve been largely open to serendipity in terms of my career, and in the last few years, this has extended into my partnerships as well. But I haven’t always made great choices. 

And this has affected how much I enjoy my work, how much my soul thrives in the thick of the hustle, how satisfied I feel about myself at the end of the day.

Having worked on multiple projects (this is what I call it pre-profitability), with multiple partners, I’m slowly filtering out the kind of people that aren’t the best match for me. 

The control freak, or the constant “let’s meet for discussion” caller. The former tries to have a say about any other activity you have outside of the project, the latter never actually gets anything done. 

Then there’s the networker and the apathetic. One will get you excited about future plans and expect you to execute everything, the other will only execute when pushed. 

I could go on about the different types of people I’ve worked with, and the bad experiences I’ve had. But where does that get me. 

I’d rather send out “law of attraction” vibes to people who have ambitious goals, are impact-focused, who want more than just to make a quick buck. I want people who will give me space, but expect deadlines to be met. 

People who will be iron to my iron, and in the course of working together, we’ll find ourselves sharpened.

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