I love museums. Left alone, I could spend all day in a well-curated museum. 

As a child, I used to imagine statues coming to life. I would think about the lives of pre-historic humans or women during the Han Dynasty, and I would make up stories about them. 

In art museums, I’d imagine myself slipping — Alice in Wonderland style — through the frames of paintings. I was particularly fascinated by art inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy.

I recently came across a post on the Dallas Museum of Art’s blog about The Art of Noticing by Rob Walker. In the book, Walker suggests some tips to enjoy and stimulate creative thinking at museums. 

I found the “Buy, Burn or Steal” game enticing. 

This is how it works. When you’re at a museum, think about which pieces you’d be willing to buy, which you want to burn because you hate it, and which you would steal because you just have to have it

It’s such a simple and engaging way to enjoy art. And at the same time, think critically about why you like or dislike something. Why you absolutely love something. 

And if you’re with friends, what a wonderful way to spark a discussion.

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