I started blogging daily towards the end of last year, as a way to practice thinking more deeply about things, as a way to verbalise my thoughts, practice clear communication. 

With a memory like mine, it’s also been a way to keep a record.

Today I realised that in 2019, I’ve written 156 posts amounting to 36,260 words. That’s halfway to a novel! 

I didn’t do this all at one go. I only wrote 200-300 words per day. Most of the posts took me less than 30 minutes to write. 

I am constantly being reminded that the excuse of “no time” is invalid. 

It takes about two hours to do topic research and draw up a content plan. If I move the story along by 200-300 words daily, I’ll have a novel by the end of the year. 

Editing will take some time.  But even if I factor in time to do pre-launch marketing (if I go the independent publishing route), I would still have time. 

Sometimes we put things off, not because we lack time. We just lack priority setting. 

According to Josh Spector, his days are productive because he makes five choices daily and at the top of the list is “I choose what to do first”. 

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