I’ve been reminded over and over again this year that having the right kind of friendships is valuable. And that it’s important to foster these relationships.

Over the last few months, I’ve learned to cull toxic, as well as zero-value relationships.

The former may be easier to identify. Hanging out with these people leave you drained, perhaps even feeling bad about yourself.

I cut those out of my life and the result was immediate.

The Universe prefers equilibrium. The empty space left behind after you rid yourself of toxic relationships is open to better opportunities.

But the latter – relationships that bring no value to your life – are more insidious.

These are the people who text you after years of not talking, asking how you are, but really all they want to do is sell you insurance.

They’re the people who ask to hang out because they “haven’t seen you in ages”, and then bail on the day itself because they have to meet other friends.

They’re the people who want you for some kind of value you provide, who will make promises about things they want to do for you, but will never come through.

There’s nothing truly bad about them. But time is limited. Spend it on the people who really matter.

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