I often tell myself not to read into things too much, that things are as they are. What you see is what you get. 

But this often isn’t true. 

The person who lashes out and brings your life as you know it crashing down, does it because he’s hurt. You’ve wounded his pride and all he wants is to make himself feel better. 

The person who talks about all his achievements, all the money he’s making, he just wants to be recognised. He wants you to tell him that he’s good enough. 

The person who owns multiple businesses, drives a nice car, wears a nice watch. He doesn’t tell people that the amount in his personal bank account is dangerously close to zero. 

The person who looks like she has it all together. She doubts herself, constantly. Sometimes her anxiety is so bad, the only way for her to calm down is by working into the wee hours of the morning. 

Everyone has their own struggles, their own fears and desires. Remembering this helps me to be more gracious, to accept people as they are. To forgive them when their actions hurt me, but also to know when to say “enough is enough”.

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