I had a call with a friend earlier this week, and as we spoke about work struggles and career aspirations, she said something along the lines of how being “good at different things” was also a challenge because “you don’t make a decision about what you want to do”. 

How do you make a decision to pursue just one thing when you enjoy doing so many different things? When you’re able to excel in those things as well?

I’m slowly learning that just because I can, and perhaps even should do those things — because they’re more recognised, make more money etc — doesn’t mean I have to. 

There’s a quote I’ve seen floating around on Instagram: “She knew she could, but she was tired so she didn’t.”

At the time, it felt like one of the most inspirational things I’d ever read. 

“I just want to write,” I said, over the call. And that’s why I’ve been looking for ways to do more of that. 

To further increase and optimise my passive income, so that I can focus on doing more of what I love while being able to live “my rich life”.

I’m gradually finding a way to my ONE THING. 

By saying “I won’t”, even though I could.

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