“Who’s the most important person that walks into your salon every day?” Eamonn said during the launch of Label M in Malaysia, where I was one of the models.

“Your customer,” some people from the audience said. 

“No!” said Eamonn. “The most important person is you.” 

If there are no hairdressers in a salon, nobody’s hair would get cut or coloured or styled. 

If the hairdressers don’t take care of themselves, if they’re not in tiptop shape to create a great experiences for customers, the salon won’t stay in business long, he told the audience. 

During the event, another senior hairdresser, David, talked about knowing your customers and using data to increase retention. 

For example, male customers are more loyal than female; they go back to the salon once every four weeks and will buy some kind of product in every visit. Female customers go back every 11.2 weeks.

Listening to these hairdressers speak, reminded me why I do things like work part-time at a bar, or do some modelling — something many of my entrepreneur friends don’t understand. 

One, I enjoy the work. In fact, I enjoy it so much that it doesn’t feel like work. Two, I relearn old things that are presented in a new light, in different industries. 

I’ve found that one of the best ways to stay inspired at work, is by exploring different things. 

Getting out of my zone and putting myself into situations that I’m not as familiar with. 

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