Not many people know this but I have a strange relationship with food. I don’t enjoy eating — the chewing, and the swallowing, it all seems like too much effort. The post-food heaviness, the carb crash is a drag. 

Eating, for me, is an event. It requires planning, readying myself for enjoyment. Because while I don’t love eating, I do enjoy food — its flavours, textures; the feelings they create. 

On a typical day, I often prefer soft or liquid food — like pureed lamb and veggies, Up and Go, mushy peas or mashed potatoes. 

But I’ll plan banana leaf rice lunches, weeks in advance. Boozy brunches, fine dining nights, steamboats and barbecues — these are things that I find myself looking forward to, thinking about constantly leading up to the date. 

There are serendipitous discoveries, of course. 

But I am largely a creature of habit. And I become annoyed if I spend money at a place that serves shitty food. 

Which has led me to overcome my fear of the kitchen and attempt to cook more. 

As I said to a friend, who told me that salads don’t have to be cooked, “Salads have to be assembled!” 

I have a go-to dressing that I’ve used for mostly green salads (and the occasional pasta salad). Here’s the recipe: 

3 parts honey
3 parts vinegar
1 part olive oil
1 part Dijon mustard
1 pinch black pepper

If you have other salad dressing recipes that are quick and easy, feel free to share

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