I’ve had a habit lately, of waking up with an idea or a sudden burst of work-spirit. 

So I wake up at 7am, work in bed for about a half hour (usually less). And then I go back to sleep. (This has been happening even when I sleep at 3/4am.)

I usually wake up again at about 9-ish, with a faint memory of having done something, but not being sure if it was a dream or not. 

But occasionally I’ll have acknowledgement messages from clients or more typically, a note on my phone that’s surprisingly usable. 

It’s slightly frightening. 

I’m not a morning person at all but apparently, this could be why I get ideas and heightened work abilities in the morning. 

In a study conducted by Mareike B. Wieth and Rose T. Zacks, which was published in 2011, subjects had “greater insight problem solving performance during non-optimal times of the day”. 

What this means is that self-professed morning people were more insightful during the later part of the day, while night owls were more insightful in the earlier part of the day. 

Apparently, when our minds are tired, they’re more open to ideas. 

I suppose this is why a suggestion to “let’s have another drink” sounds like a good idea when you’re sleep-deprived. 😆

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