Bubble tea

On Wedneday, I was at Starling Mall. A Tiger Sugar branch had opened there and because there were less than 10 people in line, I thought I’d try it to see what the hype was about. 

I saw the price — RM12.90 — and walked away. When it comes to food and drink, I like to be more selective with regards to what I spend on. 

Thinking about it later, I wondered why people were so willing to line up for more than an hour, and pay the price of a good meal, just to get a cup of milk tea with tapioca balls in it. 

And the real cost isn’t the RM9-15 price one pays. The real cost of lining up for bubble tea is time. 

Money is everywhere, but time is limited. Those hours spent in line are hours that you will never get back. 

I mean, I enjoy a good cup of bubble tea, but how life-changing could it be? 

Say, a person worked a full-time job, with a salary of about RM3000. Standing in line for an hour would mean spending RM18 on top of the price of the bubble tea.

Would it still be worth it then? 

If the answer’s yes, perhaps paying the person at the front of the line RM30 for his bubble tea might be an option. 

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