Today I conducted a self-audit and one of the things I realised was that I spend a lot of time working. Based on the time I’ve allocated, I work roughly 45 hours a week. 

And yet, I don’t feel as if any of it is work. In fact, I often find ways to turn my leisure time into work. There are days when I wake up at 7am, excited to start work but have to force myself to go back to sleep so that I get at least six hours. 

I go drinking almost every night — because that’s what I love doing. I travel (only when I have to). I’ve read 90+ books this year. I finished a few series on Netflix. With the right investments and budget prioritising, I live a relatively comfortable life. 

This is the life, I think. This is the real dream that all the “passive income” course buyers are looking for. 

I see those advertisements on Facebook, on Instagram, selling courses about how you, yes you too! can make $5000 a month without lifting a finger. You can do it while lying on a beach sipping margaritas or pina coladas. 

And all these ads follow the same formula. It’s always worth some obscene figure, but because they are dying to share their knowledge, they’re selling the course for only $197 or $2997. The number always ends with a 7. 

“Anything that starts with I don’t want to work is already a problem,” said Gary Vaynerchuk in a video on “passive income”, where he also mentions these courses. He describes it as “people ripping people off”. 

Here’s the truth: There’s no silver bullet. There’s no magic formula. The pathway to living a life that you want is built — brick by backbreaking brick. 

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