In one of his latest Creative Caffeine emails, David Sherry writes:

Am I a writer? An author? A designer? A photographer? A Founder? A Coach? A Product Manager? A Marketer? 

I am all of them. I am none of them. I speak the languge. 

David Sherry, Creative Caffeine

And again, captures exactly what I feel in words. This is why I keep reading his newsletters. 

Although I mostly call myself a writer, I do and have done many other things that are “out of my scope”. 

There are days when I finish a concept for a design and I wonder why, if I call myself a writer, am I excited about how design works. 

I spend more time reading about marketing and bartending than I do about writing. 

As a writer, I haven’t read “all the right books”. There are days when I wish I could properly label myself, but there are other days, when I just think fuck it, and do what I want. 

“We used to draw lines everywhere,” writes Sherry.

“But those lines are being brought down and rearranged.”

He writes that having lines helps us create some structure for “producing our work”. But then he adds:

We will use lines to set context, but like an etch-e-sketch, right after the lines have fulfilled their role, we will shake the slate clean again.

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