My mother says that the last time my skin had a flare-up this bad was when my father died. Could it be that when it comes to stress, I am not as self-aware as I think I am?

In an article about identifying burnout before it happens, Anisa Purbasari Horton highlights three symptoms. 

If you’re (1) chronically exhausted, (2) overly cynical or (3) feel incompetent and unproductive, it’s possible that you’re about to be burned out. 

There are ways to combat this, the first of which is “recognise when you’re burning out”. 

Reading this article, I wonder if it’s possible that burnouts are also an effect of working with certain people. That it’s not so much the work, or the amount of it, but rather, the people you work with. 

Maybe besides filtering out negativity from my social life, I should also filter out negativity from my work life. 

I’ve worked with people who had completely different working styles than me, who lacked direction and changed their mind constantly, who were quick to place blame for failure on others but take credit for success. 

Rather than continue to work within these situations, telling myself that I’ll be stronger for it, I must learn to make a stand. Perhaps find better ways to deal with these situations. 

Look for positive ways to let out all the stress, rather than see its effects on my skin. 

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