Coming out from the haze that was last week — half of it spent crunching, the other spent in bed with a migraine — I’ve been thinking a bit about my productivity routines and how sustainable they actually are. 

Since I began experimenting, I’ve found some methods that work better than others. 

Unlike many self-help articles that talk about waking up at 7am and sleeping at 11pm (sounds like a nightmare to me), I’ve slipped into a schedule that works for me. 

In an article about the benefits of a “productivity purge”, Thomas Oppong writes that there’s no “perfect schedule”. It’s about finding something that fits you and your lifestyle. 

But I’ve always found it hard to stick to schedules — even ones that I make for myself.

So it was exciting to see that Oppong writes about the importance of changing-up one’s routine. To prevent your brain from going into autopilot. 

Having my routine disrupted last week (and yet, somehow managing to get things done with only a slight delay) made me realise that perhaps I could optimise my schedule even further. 

Rather than schedule tasks, I should schedule deliverables. Ask myself, what results do I want to achieve? And then find the most efficient path there. 

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