I binge-watched Timeless over the last couple of weeks and finished the entire series. I’d have added my voice to the #renewtimeless calls if I’d known about it sooner. 

The show is about a group of people who travel back through time to stop the “destruction” of the United States and the more I watched, the more it became clearer that the future is fragile. 

Although the show isn’t too bothered with historical accuracy, it made me realise that split second decisions made at significant moments of time can affect the way things pan out. 

One voice can start a movement that leads to constitutional changes. One death can change an entire society and their livelihoods. One act of kindness can change history. 

And in the episode titled Mrs Sherlock Holmes (Season 2, Episode 7), I was reminded why I am a feminist. 

How could I not be? 

I am a beneficiary of the fight that these women have fought. My education, the fact that I have a bank account, my work — the fact that all of this was possible for me was because of these women. 

Perhaps the struggles of women have changed since then. And perhaps there are better ways to fix them besides taking to the streets. Perhaps things are a lot better now. 

But there’s still a lot of work to be done. 

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