July thus far has been spotty, in terms of my daily blog. I’ve missed days, mostly because I have been doing a lot more work-related writing, which would be fine if not for all the other projects I have ongoing.

And instead of feeling guilty or disappointed in myself, what I’ve been feeling is elation. Because writing this blog is still serving its purpose.

Like Seth Godin said, having to say something makes you think about having something to say (totally paraphrasing). And it’s been true. I’ve become more aware of the world around me and thinking deeper about my place in it.

I am always attuned to stories these days. Every time I talk to someone new, experience something different, I think, “This could make a good story.”

Although I’m generally curious, writing this blog has led to a deeper sense of curiosity, a desire to dig deeper into things, to dive headfirst into whatever topic that happens to tickle my fancy.

Blogging daily has led to more ideas. Has led me to want to write more. Has given me more to write about.

It’s also damn good practice at getting the words out, letting go off imperfection anxiety and hitting publish.

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