Fridays have become a much needed oasis in the desert of other day-to-day activities. Although I don’t exactly take a break, I spend the day “studying”.

During the day, I read books on food and drink (my current read is Food and Beverage Service, which is a textbook for hospitality students) and at night, I work at the bar. And although it’s work, it still feels like learning.

As part of my career coaching sessions last year, I was asked to do a Gallup CliftonStrengths test and one of my signature themes was Learner. That was a revelation.

For so long I’d thought my incessant curiosity and dabbling were weaknesses. That my desire to explore and not necessarily master something was a character flaw.

But according to The Gallup Organisation, “the most effective people are those who understand their strengths and behaviours”.

The report went on to say, “These people are best able to develop strategies to meet and exceed the demands of their daily lives, their careers, and their families.”

This means that it’s not so much about what’s right or wrong. Or whether certain ways of being are better than others.

To live a truly satisfying life, one has to find the best ways to use one’s strengths. And to do that, you must first identify them.

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