Last week, I wrote the first missive for my newsletter on cocktails and after I had hit Send, felt like I wanted to write more. 

Uncreatively called Cocktail Thoughts, the newsletter really does mostly consist of my thoughts about drinks, and more specifically (as its name suggests), cocktails.

My love for cocktails was a way for me to disguise my love for drinking. If it has flavour, I’m not just drinking to get drunk. Right? 

But as I dived deeper into the world of flavour, I began to fall in love with the craft. And I fell in love with the stories.

The origin of the word cocktail, in a drink-related context, is a story in itself. Multiple stories, in fact. 

And if you take the time to talk to your bartender or server when you go drinking, you’ll get even more stories — about themselves, about the drinks they’re serving, about the bar. (Of course, you have to find the right moments to actually talk to them.)

After listening to so many of these stories, with no real way to share them, I thought, why not in a newsletter?

So if you like drinks, or you like stories (that will probably be related to drinks), feel free to sign up to Cocktail Thoughts

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