I love discovering new blogs and I mostly discover them through the email newsletters that I subscribe to. I’ve found online reading a great way to expand my knowledge and explore new perspectives.

In one of the recent blog posts that I read, David Perell writes about learning “like an athlete”

Athletes have training regiments and sessions for deliberate practice, and Perell opines that “knowledge workers should train like LeBron”. 

He believes that imitating the strict learning plans that athletes follow can be a good tactic for deliberate practice. This means setting goals to achieve and identifying metrics to track. 

He suggests setting three-month “learning sprints” and developing a system/framework to learn effectively. 

Perell personally likes Daniel Gross’ framework — the Goldilocks Principle, that is “not too easy, not too hard”. 

“The learning project needs to be challenging enough to demand focus, but easy enough to make consistent progress,” he writes.

He also encourages documenting and sharing one’s learning. He says, “It forces you to be clean and double check everything, which accelerates the learning process.”

Which is one of the reasons I write this blog. I’ve found knowledge-sharing to be a pretty effective way to learn, especially through writing about what I’m learning (not so much teaching). 

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