Outside view

This week, I met an old friend after years of not seeing each other. “You’re living the life!” I said to him after he told me what he’d been up to. 

No, he said. It’s tough too

And then I caught him up on what I’ve been working on and the things I’ve been doing. 

You’re living the life,” he said. 

“I’m not,” I said and really meant it because some days, it gets really tough. 

So often, someone else’s life looks better from an outside point of view. But we don’t know what happens on the day-to-day. 

There’s a quote I once read (but can’t remember where it’s from) that said something like, “You’re comparing someone else’s highlight reel to your b-roll.”

And I guess it’s true. I like my life, most of the time. 

The other times, especially when I’m tired, I look at my peers working full-time jobs and wonder if perhaps that’s a better option.

I look at my freelancing friends who are travelling from country to country and wonder if perhaps I want that life instead. 

But then I say to myself, “If I really wanted those lives, I would be able to live them, wouldn’t I? Why have I chosen this life?”

Perhaps I want my own life more than I think I do. 

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