I was reading Tyler Cowen’s list of how he practices what he does as a knowledge worker (he’s an economist and professor), and tried to think about what I’ve been doing. 

When it comes to learning for my job, I’ve been largely haphazard. I read every day — books, blogs, emails. I listen to a bunch of podcasts, and watch the occasional video. 

But I haven’t been as deliberate as I should. 

As I went through Cowen’s list, my eyes kept being drawn back to the title: “How I practice what I do”. And there was my problem. 

What do I do?

It’s not something I have an answer to right now because I have my fingers in a lot of pies. (To the point where I have to say no to many things that I’d really like to say “yes” to.)

There are days when I wonder if this hampers my growth. 

But growth in what area

I love being labelled. And sometimes I struggle with not having a label for myself. If I were a book, I’d want to have a genre so that I could fit in with the other books on the shelves. 

Sometimes I believe that being at intersections gives me more options. But what if I just want to fit in? 

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