I’ve been trying (and failing) to build my own cocktail recipe database for some months now. Times like these, I wish my brain organised information in databases. That my brain ticked that way. 

Database architecture is one of my struggles in the area of software development. Every time I build an app, I get stuck in the initial stage — building and rebuilding the database. 

If I were to describe my brain, I’d say it has primarily two modes — linear and abstract. Feed it too much information and it tries to distill everything into a story. In the beginning, then this, then that, the end. 

But in most cases, I’ve managed to press on. I’m no stranger to failure. I’ve become accustomed to deleting my entire database and starting over. 

What helps is keeping a few things in mind: 

#1: The Why

Knowing why I want to do something helps me to keep going, even in the face of failure or setbacks. 

#2: What-if

I visualise what this thing could be and that inspires me to keep on keeping at it. 

#3: The How

I remind myself that if I know why I’m doing something, and if I know what the end goal is, the how can be fluid.

I give myself room to experiment, to give things a try, to possibly fail. 

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