I started using index cards earlier this year for cocktail recipes after years of reading Ryan Holiday’s articles and emails about how he uses index cards.

In one of his latest articles about index cards, he again, reiterates how this old-school tool is able to rival its digital competitors. 

But whether old-school or digital, my brain seems to find ways to make me work hard to retrieve old information. It even makes me work hard to get new information from mind to paper. 

I have notebooks that contain half-finished sentences that seem to be leading to something important. I’ve learned to accept these holes. I’ve grown accustomed to letting those old thoughts go and creating new ones. 

But a part of me wonders if I could prevent this sort of thing from happening by deepening my focus. 

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not always easily distracted. There have been times when I’m so focused that I forget to eat, sleep or get out of my seat. 

But what I want to do is make this focus more balanced. I want a less obsessive version of it available at my beck and call for everyday tasks. 

According to The Art of Manliness, the mind is a muscleand if you want to increase your strength of attention, you have to exercise it

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