The words come to me in the early morning, when my body is halfway between sleep and awake. Some days, those words slip away. 

Some days, I manage to rouse myself, reach for my phone and quickly record some of it before falling asleep again. 

These little bits of inspiration that slip through make my work day that much easier. 

When it comes to writing, sometimes starting is the hardest part. But when you’ve started, when you’re ready for flow, it becomes easy to finish.

Perhaps the muse is tricky. Or perhaps it doesn’t understand what good timing is — these little starts happen in places and moments where it can be difficult to start work or take action right away. 

When I’m half asleep, when I’m in the shower, when I’m driving

I’ve learned that when inspiration hits, taking action is the only option. If you ignore the muse too often, it stops speaking. 

So here’s what I do. I keep a notebook (or at least paper) on me all the time. I take it out as soon as I can to write down the ideas, as much as I can, without editing. 

If I’m unable to write — like when I’m driving — I recite whatever’s in my head into my phone. 

At some point, I will probably hang up a waterproof notebook and pen in the bathroom. For now, I hold the thought as hard as I can in my head until I get out of the shower. 

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