Lately, I’ve been trying out a new work hack. It’s not so much a productivity hack, as it is a lifestyle one. 

For several months, I had been scheduling all my work and because I’m me and enjoy my work, I tend to pack many things into one day. 

What I’ve been trying out lately instead of setting hours, is setting a minimum target. I can do more or less, and I can do it anytime I want. As long as I finish those things, my work day is done. 

I get myself to fill in the blank on the statement: Today, all I need to do is… 

The result?

I’m more laid back, less in that go-go-go mood since I’m no longer restricted by time. At the same time, I am motivated by the thought of “if I get this done, I can do other things”, which means I get things done faster (most of the time). 

It also gives me more opportunities to laze, to do nothing but think, which has resulted in more ideas. It helps me be in the moment during non-working times, especially when I’m spending time with the people I love. 

It allows me to identify inefficiencies in my work, to pinpoint which parts of my workload aren’t as ideal as I would like them to be. By being more aware, I can improve on my processes or eliminate work I would rather not do. 

Perhaps this has been a productivity hack as well. 

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