There’s so much joy in being an utter newbie, being thrown into a real life situation where you’re required to learn and adapt as fast as you can.

Over and over again, I’ve found myself in these situations and I’ve begun to think that I do this to myself on purpose. Because I love that feeling of being a blank slate being written over.

You learn so many bad habits if you work in a single field for too long. You stop challenging yourself because our brains were wired to keep us lazy.

In the past, when everything humans ate had to be hunted or gathered, staying efficient was a good thing. But today, when all we have to do to eat is pick up a phone, laziness is not always efficiency.

I love going from zero to competent, and then if I’m still interested, to expert. And then going further.

In the past few months, working at the bar has been that for me. I’ve gone from being able to carry one glass per hand to carrying a tray full of glasses, comfortably, balancing it on my palm like I’m supposed to.

I’ve gone from having to look up recipes every time I make a drink to being able to make five different cocktails at one go without referring to anything. I’m still slow, but I can feel my brain stretching in a way that I’ve become familiar with now.

I see how much more I have to learn and I feel elated.

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