Administrative tasks are one of my most-hated things to do, mainly because they’re so dreary and take too much time. And yet, they’re so necessary. 

One of my solutions has been to hire someone to bear some of this load. However, there’s only so much they can do. And when it comes to optimisation of your life, you’re definitely more invested than they are. 

So when I came across an article about “payday activities”, I was curious.

According to Nina Semczuk, while she was serving in the army, soldiers were dismissed early once a month (after payday) to do things like settle bills, make payments etc. 

After Semczuk left the army, she began applying that same practice in her life but in a slightly different way.

She would block time and then use that time to do things like optimise her savings accounts, negotiate better rental rates, and following up on online shopping refunds. 

She suggests focusing on two things during these “payday activity sprints”: (1) money-related tasks that (2) can be accomplished during business hours. 

To start implementing payday activities, start by making a list. 

“Write down every action item you want to address,” she writes. 

“Maybe you want to research what credit card would get you the most points for your spending habits… Perhaps you want to review your grocery budget and purchases to see if it would make sense to set up automatic deliveries.”

And then, schedule a block of time to do those things. 

I’ll probably give this a try at some point. There are heaps of things I’d like to optimise. 

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