One way to motivate myself to finish the tasks of the day is to have a reward ready. And my reward to myself for finishing my work is… yes, more work. 

These days, I find myself completing my tasks quickly so that I get to work on my cocktail app. It’s my current reward. 

The app slow-going but I’m enjoying the process. And I’m excited to see what it could be. 

I’ve told people that work is my hobby and this often elicits weird looks or statements like, “If it’s work it can’t be a hobby.”

But note how I say “work” instead of “job”. Because a lot of things are work — taking care of children (even if they’re your own), cutting the grass in your garden, doing the laundry. 

This is one of the reasons I’ve stopped taking on jobs that require coding or development of any sort. I wanted coding and building websites to be a hobby — things I do for myself. 

When I was in college, calculus was my hobby. There was something extremely relaxing about working out a math problem, solving a problem that definitely had a solution. 

In a world that has innumerable variables and indefinite outcomes, calculus was a safe place. 

In the same way, working on my app is a safe place. There’s a somewhat tangible end in sight and all I have to do, is figure out how to get there. 

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