Yesterday was my first time making and serving drinks at an event and it was exhilarating! 

For some time now, I’ve been wondering how to train myself to be quicker, more dextrous. I asked, and was told that in this industry, the only way to learn is to practice. 

So I keep practising. 

We were ready to serve at 5pm and the crowd kept coming. We were sold out by 10.30pm, even after breaking out the emergency reserves. 

There are days when I entertain the idea of doing this full-time. This thought is surprising, even to me. 

When I started working at the bar, I told myself that it would probably be temporary. I’d try it out for three months and see how it goes. 

I didn’t expect to love it. 

I love when there’s a crowd. When there’s movement non-stop for two, three hours.

I love the quiet moments before the bar opens, the set-up, making sure everything is in order and prepped. And then closing up after everyone has gone home. 

I told myself three months, but in a flash, it’s been almost 11. What a rush. What a ride it’s been!

Who knew that it would become an obsession.

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