Get up

The past few days have been a whirlwind. Besides working three nights at the bar and one night at an event, I have multiple submission deadlines that I absolutely must meet. 

I tell myself that if I want to be a serious writer, if I want this to be my actual job, there are times when I have to focus on things like these — meeting personal deadlines.

Days like these, I wish I was more prolific in my writing. That I could obsessively finish one piece, then move on to another. 

As of now, I’m working on two different novels. I’m working on a long form piece about food (it’ll probably be about drinks) and a podcast story (also long form, which I’ve edited over and over). 

I also wish I was more organised. I currently keep track of places I want to submit to and places I’ve already submitted to. And yet, I can’t keep everything in order. (Yes, I’ve used tools besides Google Sheets for this.)

There are periods of time, when I feel like I fall short in a specific area and it frustrates me. 

I feel like I’ve fallen into the dirt and someone’s standing over me saying, “You have been weighed and measured, and you have been found wanting.”

But I remind myself, like Amazing Spider-Man said in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, “No matter how many times I get hit, I always get back up.”

This is why I watch/read superhero stuff. For days like these. 

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