One of the email newsletters I subscribe to that sends amazing resources is Unemployable. It’s one of those media websites that I consume on multiple channels — newsletter, podcast, website.  

The main feature in one of the August newsletters was a podcast interview with Gina Bianchini, the founder of Might Networks. 

A platform that lets users create their own community — with subscriptions, courses, events etc — Mighty Networks is exactly the kind of tool that I’ve been looking to use for one of the latest projects I’m working on. 

This is why I continue to subscribe to Unemployable; it’s always an amazing resource that provides value in the form of tools, inspiration or advice. 

And as someone “unemployable”, it also feels like a platform where I “belong”. Although there’s no two-way interaction, I still feel like I’m part of a “tribe”. 

Perhaps this is what it means to find a niche for your content. Speak to and create content for the people you want to reach, the people you want to resonate with. 

I’ve said it before: humans are complex. And attempting to fit users into one specific box isn’t always the best approach. 

How do you build a brand? Focus on tribe and vibe, rather than just product. 

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