“We should always be questioning the status quo — and majority opinion,” goes one of the Daily Stoic newsletters from earlier this week. 

“Not because it’s always wrong, but because it sometimes is.”

The email included reminders of how bloodletting was once used as a form of treatment, of how Seneca thought he was superior because he was good to his slaves. 

There were men who once thought that a human flying was impossible. And yet, men have gone to space. 

Of course, there’s that big misconception — the one that caused Galileo Galilei to be placed under house arrest for heresy — that the Sun revolved around the Earth. 

“Take it as fact that much of what we think we know will be proven wrong,” the newsletter continues. 

And it’s a reminder to me to stay intellectually humble, to be open to hearing new points of view, to learn to examine different perspectives before forming an opinion. 

With the Internet, we have access to so much more information that our parents or grandparents. With science and technology, things that seemed so impossible in ages past are everyday now. 

When I was in uni (age giveaway!), people were still talking about the possibility of using CRISPR for gene editing. Earlier this year, it was used to experimentally treat someone with a blood disorder. 

“Question everything. Don’t be too attached to anything. It’s all changing. And we are so, so wrong.”

Daily Stoic email newsletter

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