Over this week, I binge watched two seasons of Killing Eve, a TV series about an MI6 agent, a Russian spy and their obsession with each other. 

It was weird, but Jodie Comer’s character — the Russian spy Villanelle — was a joy to watch. She’s bored of life but extremely into her job ie. killing people. 

She takes on her job with so much enthusiasm, even getting upset when told that she’s not allowed to handle the latest assignment because she’s losing control. She ends up doing it anyway, in her signature over-the-top way. 

She’s over-the-top in her daily life at times as well, even visiting her psychiatrist in a pink princess dress that looked like it was bought in a children’s clothing store. 

Even in that odd dress, she looks like the bomb. Her fashion sense is on point! She spends most of her assassination money on expensive things. 

When Eve — the MI6 agent played by Sandra Oh — is asked what Villanelle’s apartment looks like, she says that it’s really chic.

Villanelle is a chameleon, in a flash, switching from her heavy Russian to a preppy British accent, from role-playing BDSM nurse to unassuming girl on the street to spoilt New York heiress. 

She’s a psychopath, of course. And she knows it too. But at times, there’s a strange vulnerability to her that pulls you in. 

I wonder what it says about me that I was so drawn to her. 

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