I’m looking forward to reading Ryan Holiday’s new book — Stillness is the Key. According to Holiday, it’s the final book in his trilogy which also includes The Obstacle is the Way and Ego is the Enemy

I’ve been an avid follower of Holiday’s writing from years ago, when he was mostly writing only on Thought Catalog, mainly because he makes so much sense. 

The Daily Stoic, especially, has been a source of much comfort to me. For years, I’d dealt with a lot of negative emotions and until I began reading this book, had been struggling with processing a lot of them. 

Being stoic, to me, is not about being emotionless. It’s more about learning to master my emotions. 

It’s about learning to embrace life, with all of its imperfections, rather than constantly bemoaning the fact that things aren’t just falling into place. 

By practising stoicism, I’ve learned that many things are out of my control — even my body sometimes — but that I have an inner sanctum within myself where I can choose to be at peace. 

It’s helped me to embrace the idea that death is part of life, and to be less angry about the people I love being dead. 

It’s also solidified the thought that I could die today, and thus, I must strive to live well every day. 

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