Support group

A while back, I wrote about a platform called Mighty Networks and how it looks like the kind of tool I’ve been looking for. 

I tried it out… and it is! 

If you’re a freelancer or remote worker, feel free to join Freelancers Assembly, a platform for mostly-solo workers to connect and exchange knowledge. 

We’re a small community at the moment, but if you’ve been a reader thus far, you’ll know that I’m more about quality and engagement vs quantity. 

Although we currently only have 10 members, there’s been activity in the one week that we’ve started. That’s progress, I’ll take it! 

I don’t work solo — but I do work with multiple teams on different projects. And it can be nice to have other people to bounce ideas with, to ask help from, to rant to. 

What I like about this community so far is that there’s some level of diversity in terms of area of expertise. So far, it’s been mostly writers, but we also have software developers and video editors. 

I’d love to add some designers, photographers and other people to the mix. 

Some things I think we all have in common is that we sell our skills and our knowledge. We deal with clients — both amazing and shitty. We’re always on the lookout for tools to make our work easier. 

More and more these days, I love the idea of community. 

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