YouTube is one of my guilty pleasures.

Opening the YouTube app on my phone is like going down a rabbit hole sometimes. I emerge hours later having watched a series of unrelated and totally useless (but entertaining) pieces of content. 

I say useless because the videos I watch are mostly of people eating. There’s something pleasurable about watching a skinny girl polish off six plates of pasta on her own. 

One of the latest things I’ve been watching however, is a series of videos from BuzzFeed Multiplayer in which a girl called Kelsey attempts the 100 Baby Challenge in The Sims 4

I’m a huge fan of The Sims (I have a Simblr) and besides the little funny things that sims get up to, Kelsey’s commentary is highly entertaining as well. 

“This is my job!” she says at the start of one of the episodes. I’d been thinking the same thing and feeling insanely envious. Playing computer games for work? Yes, please. 

But I realise that people sometimes say the same thing to me as well. Travelling for work? Drinking for work? It’s only one part of the whole story. 

The truth is, every job has its challenges. And there are times when what seems so attractive about a certain job can be a pain.  

There are days when the thought of getting on another plane, sleeping in another unfamiliar bed feels unbearable. 

What people see on the surface is only the tip of the entire iceberg. 

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