Finish line

In yesterday’s issue of Brass Ring Daily, Kara Cutruzzula writes about “the myth of the finish line”. 

“Wait so you’re telling me that it looks different for everyone?” she writes at one point. 

“Wait so you’re telling me I get to make up what a finish line looks like to me? And I get to cross it whenever I want?” she continues. 

What she gets at in that short intro before the rest of her email is that “finish lines” look different to each individual. 

That perhaps in life there’s more than one finish line or in other words, there are no finish lines. We will never “arrive”. 

We have to keep going as life keeps going. And perhaps stay hungry for as long as we are alive. 

I don’t know if it’s because of my inherent nature or my upbringing, but I’ve never known how to settle. And I often feel unsettled in the midst of comfort, when everything seems to be going well. 

But I’m learning to embrace the moments of calm as well. I’m learning that I don’t have to be in go, go, go mode all the time. 

I’m learning how to set boundaries, even if it’s for myself. I’m learning to examine what I think of as “finish lines” and deciding if those are lines I really want to cross. 

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