In my attempt to become more organised, I’ve somewhat been messing up. One thing I’ve struggled to do is outsource my brain memory space.

Although I’ve used a bunch of tools — like Trello, Sheets, Keep etc — the main issue with all of them is that I have to remember to check them.

I’ve also tried using physical notebooks, which has also been a mistake because I either forget to carry the notebook with me or because I forget which notebook I’ve written things down in.

The crux of the matter is my forgetfulness, which I think is a result of my brain going in multiple directions at once.

(There are periods of time when I have trouble even keeping track of days. My calendar app has been a lifesaver.)

However, one thing that’s been rather organised so far are my longer writing projects (so far, only novels). I keep one notebook per project.

Whenever I have a new idea, I buy a 70 sen small square school exercise book and use that one notebook for all things related to that project.

Yes, my first drafts are usually handwritten.

This form of organisation has been successful so far. And now I’m starting to think about how I can apply it to the rest of my work as well.

Do you have a preferred method for organising your life? Tell me about it!

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