Sometime last week, I maxed out my laptop’s space and memory, which resulted in my computer crashing.

I successfully got it going again but some of my work went missing. (Even some of my cloud software didn’t manage to save.) Tough luck.

The last week has been challenging because: (1) it’s crunch time on a few projects, (2) there are a few writing deadlines looming and (3) I finally succumbed to a cold that I’ve been holding at bay for some time.

But I’ve realised that life’s like that. Sometimes you manage to seize the quick win, and sometimes you just have to grind.

But it’s times like these that I learn to appreciate the small things, little pleasures and blessings that are normally so taken for granted.

Like being able to eat banana leaf-wrapped nasi lemak because I had to wake up early for a call. Or getting pampered by Ming because I’m sick.

Life is a lot like surfing, I think. To ride a wave, you have to have a strong core to stay on your feet. But you also have to be able to move with with the wave, be flexible, shift your weight when you need to.

And you have to enjoy it. Otherwise, what’s the point.

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