One of the emotions that a multipotentialite may face on a regular basis is regret, or some form of it. When you’re interested in a range of different things, but recognise that you have a limited amount of time, you have to make choices.

Pursuing one thing means giving up something else. As I get older, I realise that there are lives I desire but will never get to live.

In an article on Puttylike, Neil Hughes writes about having an alternate perspective on regret.

Besides exercises in self-awareness and using regret as a motivational tool, he also suggests reframing it like so: “Consider your parallel universe regrets”.

“There’s something paradoxically freeing about how universal regret is. There’s always something to regret—and that’s just as true for the parallel-universe version of us who lived the life we’re jealous of right now!” Hughes writes.

I have a parallel self who went to college on an ASEAN Scholarship. One who’s still working at a bank. Perhaps one who plays trumpet in an orchestra.

There are days when I look back and feel a mixture of regret and jealousy. But according to Hughes’ reframing, maybe each of those parallel selves are wishing for the life I have now.

“The grass is always greener works both ways,” he writes. And anyway, regret serves no purpose.

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