Some days, I have a lot of angst when it comes to the field of writing. 

Interacting with other writers can be a pain at times. “There’s a difference between writer and content writer,” said one. (WTF?)

Dealing with clients who don’t understand the value of good writing is another pain. “It’s just a brand name. Why so expensive?” (Okay then, DIY okay?) 

I’ve even seen people saying that writers who “just write what they’re told” should be paid less. I’ve been on the client side and if I got someone who could turn my vague ideas (what they’re told) into solid writing, I’d pay them what they’re worth. 

What is it about writing that makes people think that everyone can do it? 

I’ll admit that there was a time when I thought this skill wasn’t anything special either. It was something I took for granted. With practice, anyone can do it, I thought.

And yet, I’ve seen people who don’t want to pay writers because they can “do it themselves” publish pieces that have bad grammar, spelling errors and clumsy sentence structure on their company’s blog. 

Something ironic: I’ve worked in a range of industries and journalism — where the content is the product — has paid the least. What a sad turn of affairs. 

Some days I’m angsty. But some days, a reader will send me an email or a text to say that something I’ve written spoke to them, made them think, made them feel less alone — and I’m reminded of why I write. 

Not for the masses, but for that single reader, to whom the right words at the right time, makes all the difference.  

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