Young people don’t read the news, people say. But the truth is, they do. They just don’t read it on the same platforms as older people. 

“Young adults are more likely to consume news through social media sites than they are traditional news organisations, online or in print,” goes a Teen Vogue article about Olivia Seltzer, the 15-year-old behind the news organisation called theCramm.

Seltzer sends bite-sized pieces of the daily news to readers via text message.

Although I’m not exactly in that demographic, even I have stopped reading newspapers for years (since I quit my job at a newspaper). 

I get my news from text messages that friends send. I get it on my social media feeds. I get it via email.

Although I’ve not been working in news for some time now, I’m still very much interested in the media landscape. Every business I start is content-driven. I can’t help it. 

But media needs to keep evolving.

“Claiming young adults are zoning out on current events instead of zooming in ignores the fact that they’re digital natives, who grew up navigating an increasingly tech-reliant culture,” the article continues. 

“Instead of staring at cable news, they’re pioneering new ways to engage with the stories that meet them where they are.”

If news media wants to stay relevant, we’ve got to keep adapting. 

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