Money is everywhere, is what I’ve been telling myself for a long time. It’s become like a mantra I repeat to myself, mostly when I’m in the shower. 

It’s been two months of getting things going far enough to not look like a dumbass when talking to potential investors. A month-ish of filling out applications, meeting people and pitching. 

You are a force of nature, I say to myself in the car, while playing songs from my Girl Boss playlist on Spotify. 

But the truth is, I’m human. And the phrase “money is everywhere” has another meaning to it. 

Money is everywhere but time isn’t. To me, the phrase is a reminder that time is fleeting. That the people I love won’t be around forever. That I won’t be around forever. 

It’s also a reminder that health is something that once lost, can be hard to regain. 

Sometimes, we put so much importance on this thing — money — that we think has so much value, that’s really so common. 

If you lose money, you’ll make it back. Somehow. It’s something you have a semblance of control over. 

Health lost is sometimes difficult to regain. Time lost, is gone forever. 

Money is everywhere, reminds me that yes, money is great. But don’t forget the things that truly matter.

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