While I was on the road today, I listened to a podcast episode from Millo that featured Ben Tossell from Makerpad. It’s one of the newsletters I subscribe to and has been an amazing no-code resource for me.

Although Makerpad is only a side hustle for him, it’s already generated him $130,000 since it launched about six months ago. What an amazing place to be in.

But listening further to the podcast, we hear that it’s been years of work for him. Learning enough to put the resources together didn’t happen in six months.

The revenue he’s earned is because of his years of experimentation, practice and growth in expertise.

So often, we look at overnight successes and wish that could be us. I’ve done it as well.

But think about it further and wonder if you’d also be willing to take on the years of struggle.

Like coming up with ideas, it’s easy to be envious. It’s easy to say, “I could have done that.”

It’s harder to actually do it. It’s harder to start, to be the first to make a pathway through the forest.

It’s hard to do the work. And yet, or maybe that’s why it’s always the work that matters.

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