Noshings #1

I read quite a lot of articles on a daily basis (usually getting them straight in my email inbox). 

While I sometimes write blog posts about the ones that have really spoken to me, there are others that leave me with thoughts that I haven’t fully formulated or verbalised yet. 

Besides these, there are other articles that I find interesting, that I might want to share, but don’t have much commentary on. 

So I thought I’d try to do a bit of a round-up (maybe a regular one) of interesting things that I’ve read that I may want to come back to at a later point. 

For example, this 2018 post on how “most software engineering is plumbing” is a thought-provoking one. 

This Poynter article on how to pitch your podcast successfully in a newsroom, is also a great guide for pitching a podcast to any kind of business that wants to produce content. It can also be used when planning out your own podcast. 

Here’s another article on how to say no, which I’ll definitely need to come back to. As well as one about how to be your own business coach

This one in The Hustle about how computer programming is so yesterday, and the new in is genetic programming. 

So each of these round-up posts will be an eclectic mix of articles, but I’ll try to cap it at five links, as well as find some way to organise them. 

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