I’ve been doing the activities in Learning Music by Ableton since last night. What a fun way to learn about music and how to create it digitally. 

It’s my current replacement for Piano Genie for in-between work breaks. 

After playing around with the Learning Music course, I decided to find out more about Ableton. Turns out, their core business is software for creating music. 

What a great content marketing idea. There are some things I think good content should have, things that make them shareable. 

#1 It provides value. 

I’ve never actually tried to make music digitally and although I play the piano, there are other areas of music that I’ve never explored eg. drum parts. It gave me a simple way to learn more about something that I’m already interested in.  

#2 It’s fun. 

I’ve already spent more time on it than I intended to. I’ve always been a fan of sound and being able to create my own sounds was a joy. At one point, I was even listening to the beats I’d created while working. 

#3 It has a takeaway option.

Throughout the lessons, you’re given the chance to create your own music and you’re given a very convenient option to download the piece you’ve made. 

However, if you want to open the file, you need to download Ableton’s software. 

The great thing about this is that you don’t have to buy straightaway; you’re given a 30-day trial. As a business, this trial is another chance to show even more value, prevent churn and promote retention. 

I don’t work in music, but I’m already a fan. 

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