In an article in The New York Times, writer Mike Isaac writes about a “new social network that isn’t new at all”. 

This social network is an email newsletter. 

“Every week or so, I blast it out to a few thousand people who have signed up to read my musings. Some of them email back, occasionally leading to a thoughtful conversation,” Isaac writes. 

This is exactly what I’ve been loving about newsletters. It’s a great start to more meaningful conversations. 

I currently use Substack for my newsletter on cocktails but there are other tools like Revue that make it easy to create, send and receive payment for your content. 

Apparently, there are writers who earn more than six figures in revenue through their newsletters by creating content for an audience that’s willing to pay for it. 

Isaac uses Substack as well and says this about how newsletters are different from the typical social media tools:

“In contrast to what happens if I quit Facebook or Twitter, I can keep my fans — an ample email subscriber list — if I decide to leave Substack’s service.

The beauty of an email newsletter is that it could be a one-man business. It’s a great way to turn your passion into something that could generate some revenue. 

It’s not something that’s meant for the masses. 

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