I recently rediscovered an old blog that I used to read. 

I started reading it, I think, about 10 years ago, whilst I was still in uni (age giveaway) and fascinated by erotic fiction. 

It’s been years since I last visited the blog. How’d I rediscover it? I received a newsletter. 

After all these years, I’m still using the email that I signed up on her website with. 

That’s another benefit of building an email list. You have an “in” with your potential audience. You’re able “retain” them for years, provided they’re still interested in your content. 

And it’s why I love subscribing to email. Every time I log into it, there’s always something new, something interesting to discover. 

My email inbox is like a time machine — taking me back to times when I was delighted by other things. It’s a way for me to see how my interest in things have changed. 

Occasionally, it’s a way for me to dive back into things I was once interested in but have left by the wayside because of time constraints. And perhaps I have time in the now to pick them up again. 

It’s more insightful than memories on Facebook. 

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