Having been fascinated by ecommerce for some years now, I tend to follow brands and stores that excite me. 

One of these is Whisky River Soap Co, an amazing example of how ordinary products can be made special through great copywriting. 

Their products include soaps, candles and stationery. When said this way, it sounds utterly ordinary. 

Take their “First World Phobias” collection for example. It’s a range of soy candles with different scents and features names like Burn Away Guacophobia (the fear of missing the two-minute window of a ripe avocado). 

Now, I’m not saying that all brands have to write in the same irreverent way. 

One of the keys to great copywriting, I think, is knowing one’s audience ie. who are you selling to? 

And it’s also about knowing yourself ie. who are you and why do you exist? 

The struggle to appeal to the masses results in a watering down of one’s brand identity. 

Like the story of the father and son with the donkey, if you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one, including yourself. 

Having a good product should be a given, not a USP. The question is, how can you go further? 

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